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Uphill Travel


Uphill Travel

For uphill access to Bromley, a season pass is required. Uphill only passes are available for purchase in the ticket office for $50. If you are already a Bromley season passholder, you will need to obtain a (free) uphill pass as well, which can be done in the ticket office.

Uphill New England

Alpine touring, splitboarding, and snowshoeing have grown significantly at Bromley over the years. We are excited to partner with Uphill New England for the 23/24 season, offering a streamlined pass for ski touring, split-boarding, and snowshoeing across New England. Becoming an Uphill New England Passholder earns you access to 12+ resorts including Bromley, Waterville Valley, Berkshire East, Saddleback, Bolton Valley, and more! You will also receive access to a mobile app with vertical tracking, raffle prizes, and exclusive discounts on gear! The goal of Uphill New England is to support local mountains that way uphill travel can become more accessible. For more information and to buy a pass, visit Uphill New England.

Uphill Routes

1. Lower Boulevard → Shincracker → Run Around #2 → Upper Thruway → Sunset Pass → Upper Twister

2. Lower Thruway → Upper Thruway → Run Around #1

3. Lower Twister → Upper Twister

Uphill Travel is a privilege, and we ask that all uphill travelers respect the mountain's operational decisions. When uphill travel is prohibited, that means it is prohibited for everyone, for your safety and the safety of our employees.

Dogs are not permitted on trails or in the lodge. Dogs in the base area must be on a leash.

Before traveling uphill, please review our Uphill Policy and our Snow Report.

Bromley Uphill

Bromley Uphill is a growing group organized by Peter Hildick-Smith so uphill travelers can connect and climb the mountain together. (Bromley Uphill is run by a third party)

Please fill out the form below for more information or if you would like to join.

Uphill Travel Policy

WARNING! In accordance with Vermont law, a skier or person who takes part in any sport accepts as a matter of law all obvious and necessary dangers inherent in that sport. Your uphill travel (and resulting downhill travel) is at your own risk!

*Ski Patrol Summit Building is closed until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience*

While Bromley encourages the use and enjoyment of the outdoors, it does restrict uphill access to any outdoor enthusiast whether hiking, snowshoeing or ski touring from dusk to dawn.

Uphill travel is permitted only from dawn until dusk provided it us conducted in compliance with the conditions in this policy. After dusk, use of the mountain is strictly off-limits and is considered trespassing. Bromley’s night security personnel will take note of all vehicle Information for people attempting to access the trails from dusk to dawn. This is in recognition of the real danger of skiing in poor lighting conditions and on trails with ongoing grooming and snowmaking. Bromley reserves the right to limit or restrict uphill access as conditions, terrain, or weather warrant. Dogs are not permitted. Please note, this is a recent revision to the policy, effective immediately, and due to misuse of our prior allowance of dogs as long as they were kept leashed and by your side.

Uphill ski access by foot, snowshoe or skis may occur on three routes from dawn to dusk, but is restricted to trail edges due to safety concerns. The three routes are:

  1.  Lower Twister → Upper Twister
  2.  Lower Thruway → Upper Thruway → Runaround 1
  3.  Lower Boulevard → Shincracker → Run Around 2 → Upper Thruway → Sunset Pass → Upper Twister

Stay clear of all snowmaking and snow grooming operations. Winch cable grooming may be in operation. Closed trails are off-limits. Please familiarize yourself with our Snow Report for information on open and closed terrain during operating hours. The snow report is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, especially outside of normal lift hours, and trail openings/closures may occur at any time. It is not always obvious from the base of a trail if it is closed or open.

Before traveling uphill, you must obtain an uphill access season pass from the Bromley ticket office. The office staff will review the uphill policy with you and obtain your signature acknowledging compliance with Bromley’s uphill travel policy. The fee for the uphill pass is $50 per season if you do not own a season pass. If you own a season pass, the uphill pass is free. The pass must be worn on your arm while you are skinning up the mountain.

Trails are open to hiking access during non-winter seasons. Specific trails may be closed during the non-winter season when maintenance, mowing, or other activity might cause safety concerns for visitor or ski area staff.

Questions? Please contact the Ticket Office at 802.824.5522 ext. 710, or by email at