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Jets Snowboarding Program

Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Class Setting: Group

First time applicants ARE REQUIRED to call the Snowsports Director Billy Davidson at 802.856.2227 before enrolling.

For $1,670, your child will experience the Bromley slopes all season-long, develop lasting friendships and most importantly give you the freedom to ski/ride knowing your child is having the time of their life in a safe, friendly, and positive environment. Please note: We need at least 8 students of similar abilities and speed to run this program - tell your friends.

The program is designed for snowboarders aged 6-14 who are independent and can ride with a medium to high degree of proficiency. The Jets program primary focus is on snowboarding throughout the mountain in a group setting accompanied by a coach.

The Jets program has produced some of the most well-rounded skiers and snowboarders at Bromley. Many have transitioned from a Jets participant to instructors in our Snow Sports School, sharing their love for their sport with the next generation.

All seasonal programs require a parent/guardian to sign a liability waiver to participate - Save time and fill it out in advance!

Important Notes

When and Where: Jets programs will begin Saturday, December 17, 2022 and run weekends and peak periods through Sunday, March 12, 2023. The program will NOT run December 24-25. Attendance is not mandatory.

Meeting Time & Place: There are two class sessions daily, one in the morning (9am-11:45am), and another in the afternoon (1pm- 3pm). All sessions will begin and end at the bottom of the Alpine Chair. We always take one lower mountain run first and return to the bottom of the Alpine Chair to meet anyone who may have missed the first run.

Pick up: Please pick up your child after each morning and afternoon sessions. We do not provide lunch.

Coaches: Our coaches have not only made the commitment to be here on all weekends and holidays, but also possess the ability to teach more than just skiing and riding. They share their passion for the sport with their class, creating lifelong memories while your children develop as skiers and riders.

How the groups are designed/formed: We take into consideration skill, age, and speed when making the groups. Our goal is to have your child stay with the same group/instructor every week throughout the season. To achieve this, it is beneficial for your child to attend as many sessions as possible so the group progresses and grows together. Typically, groups are not fully formed until January when all the Jets have arrived. Some changes may occur throughout the season as kids grow in ability, as well as socially. (We reserve the right to remove or change your students’ group when there is a safety issue.)

Yearly Events: Past events have included a glow stick parade, gate training, race days, swap (skiers snowboard and snowboarders ski) day, helmet dress up days, summit photo day, movie/pizza night, kids/parent obstacle competition, an early morning ski with Billy D, a bump competition, scavenger hunts, and for the older kids, a groomer ride and sleepover at the summit! (These are all weather and condition dependent.)

Please note: Seasonal programs do not include lift privileges. Season Passes or daily lift tickets must be purchased separately.


Feel free to give the Snowsports Director, Billy Davidson, a call at 802.856.2227, or email him at



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