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Season Pass FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Which Season Pass is right for me?​

Choosing a season pass requires a little research and advance planning. Let us help you to make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget!

  • Unlimited Season Pass - You want the convenience of accessing the mountain whenever you want - to take two runs or twenty. This is also the only pass product that is unrestricted during the winter season. If you want to ski/ride during *peak periods, this is the pass to purchase. Use it as often as you desire during the winter season!
  • Off-Peak Pass - You want to ski or board as many days as possible, except for the 16 days a season when everyone else is on vacation. Valid 7 days a week, except for *peak periods, with the exception of the Monday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend.
  • Midweek Season Pass - You have the flexibility to ski or board Monday - Friday. The Midweek Pass is not valid during *peak periods, but is valid the Monday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend. It is also valid early and late season when the resort only operates on weekends.
Do you offer a Season Pass payment plan?
  • We do! The Season Pass Payment Plan is only available through the first discount deadline (May 15). Passes go on sale at the end of each winter season (March 1) for the following winter. You can sign up for the payment plan by adding the season pass or seasonal program to your online shopping cart. Once all passes are added your cart, you can click "Proceed to Checkout", located in your shopping cart. During this process, you'll see a box you can check labeled "Payment plan". Check the box and it will do the math for you. 
  • How does it work? You will pay for your season passes in your shopping cart in three equal installments. The first installment will be charged to your credit card immediately. The second installment will be charged to your credit card on August 1 and the final installment will be charged to your credit card on November 1 Your credit card statement for the installment charges will reflect one charge for each of the passes that you purchase. It will charge the same credit card each time. Please ensure that your credit card expiration date is after November 1. You should contact the Bromley ticket office immediately at 802.824.5522 ext. 710 if the credit card provided is lost or stolen, or if the credit card numbers or details change in any way.
  • Is the down payment refundable? No. It is the first installment of your Season Pass purchase. You are choosing to buy a Season Pass.
  • Can I adjust or modify the down payment and the August 1 & November 1 charges? No. Our Payment Plan system requires automated payment dates and amounts. Keep this in mind when selecting the Payment Plan.

When does the Season Pass Sale end?
Season Passes are sold 365 days a year. However, we have 3 price tiers for season pass sales; the best prices and lowest rates will be offered through May 15, and the next best rates through October 15.

Can I use my Bromley Gift Certificate towards my Season Pass purchase?

Yes! However, this option is not available online. Please call the ticket office at 802.824.5522 x710.

Is there a military discount?

We do not offer a military discount on Season Passes. We offer military discounts on day tickets.

Picking Up Your New Season Pass

When can I get my picture taken and where can I pick up my Pass?
Season passes can be picked up during operating hours at the Ticket Office.

Where is the Ticket Office located?
At the base of the mountain, just beyond and to the left of the flagpoles in the pick up/drop off area.

What do I need to bring with me to get my Season Pass?
Photo identification is required with proof of age; Passes will not be issued without one. Please be prepared to sign a release form. Children under 18 will need to bring a signed release or be accompanied by their legal guardian. We also require a birth certificate to issue the 5 and under Season Pass. For the Bromley college pass, the student must provide Bromley with their college ID and an original signed letter from the registrar's office (with the college's embossed seal) showing full time student status, or the pass will not be printed and issued. The letter can be mailed in before the pass is picked up. This will help with the delays of verifying the letter.


There are NO REFUNDS on Season Passes - even if the Season Pass is never picked up or used.

Bromley Mountain is not responsible for lost or stolen passes and may void a pass for inappropriate conduct by the holder. Season Passes are not for resale, are non-transferable and non-refundable, so please choose your purchases carefully.

A person may receive a credit for a like seasons pass for a future season at Bromley Mountain if unable to ski/snowboard due to medical reasons. A letter from a doctor is required for verification.  The credit will be prorated from the Resort’s opening day based on the date of injury as follows:

  • Opening day through December 20: 100% credit
  • December 31st through January 15: 65% credit
  • January 16th through February 15: 30% credit
  • February 16th through February 28: 15% credit
  • March 1 to Closing: 0% credit

Cancellation requests must be received at Bromley Mountain within 14 days of a medical incident.