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Property Services Request


​Bromley Village Homeowners!

Get in touch with Property Services for any maintenance and repair needs here. Our team is ready to get started on your next project.

Bromley Property Services online work order system is up and running! This system allows homeowners to request and track the status of work performed in their Village home.

Online Work Order System Example

Click Here to Access the System!

  • Setting up an account:
  • 1. Click "Register as a new user" and complete the required fields.
  • 2. Once complete, you will receive an email requesting you confirm your email address. Please follow the prompts. You will then receive a second email thank you for confirming.
  • 3. When your access has been approved by BPS, you'll receive a notice via email. You're now ready to enter a request.
  • Submitting a Request:
  • 1. Log into your new account.
  • 2. Click "Requests" at the top bar, then click "New Request".
  • 3. Your Site (i.e., your unit) populates automatically.
  • 4. Using the drop down "Level" menu, select "General Site Request".
  • 5. Include a reference (ex. "no hot water," "toilet leak," etc.), level of urgency, expected response time, and any additional message you may have pertinent to the request (i.e. location, preferred time for service, etc.).
  • 6. Click "Save" and the request is sent to BPS! To check on existing requests, click the "Requests" tab.