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Solar Energy Farm with Encore Renewable Energy


Bromley Mountain Solar Farm

Author: Steve Gabriel
Category: In The News

Vermont’s Sun Mountain will shine a little brighter this season with the introduction of our new Solar Farm Project. In spring of 2020, Bromley Mountain partnered with Encore Renewable Energy in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and to increase environmental sustainability. 1,632 solar panels have been installed across the street from the ski slopes in an area of land that was not being utilized to its full potential.

solar panels

With the help of Encore, we have revitalized this land into something bigger and better for all of us. The Solar Farm will produce 1,127kW of energy. That is enough electricity to power about 70 average households per year! Once operational, it will be the equivalent of taking 120 passenger vehicles off the road each year from an emissions standpoint. The power generated is not just for our own use, as it goes back into the grid to be used by the town of Peru and the surrounding areas. It is important that we do this in an effort to reverse and slow the impact that climate change has already had on our industry and our environment. The winter sports industry relies on the weather and Mother Nature so we all need to do our part and contribute so we can continue to enjoy our winters and the sports we love. Bromley is proud of the long term benefits this project will have not only for our mountain, but for the community and the environment that surrounds us. We would like to extend a special thank you to Amber Lessard, Project Manager at Encore Renewable Energy and Lauren Glickman, Managing Partner of RenewComm who have played a large part in this project.