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Snow Inbound!

Greetings all! So the biggest question I’ve gotten over the last week or so from y’all has been, “are we going to be making any more snow?” To which I replied with, “we’ll have to see, temperatures aren’t really cooperating.” To put some things into perspective, it’s been almost 20 days since we’ve had an effective window to make snow. It’s been that kind of winter here at Bromley. However, it looks like things are starting to finally shift back into a winter pattern! Most weather models that we’ve been looking at are showing accumulations between 10-16 inches from Wednesday (02/22) evening to Friday (02/25) morning. Almost more importantly though, some serious artic air is coming in behind the storm. For the first time all season, our Snowmaking Team and Mother Nature will be working hand-in-hand over the next week.  

I am officially communicating to y’all that our General Manager Bill Cairns alongside Mountain Ops Manager Rick Goddard and Snowmaking Manager Matt Folts have produced a plan to make snow to push our season into April. Our temperatures once this storm system rolls through are looking to be down well below zero degrees (Friday night). This will enable us to maximize our water-to-air ratio resulting in more water on the hill faster, and more efficiently (which equals cheaper). We will fire up on the morning of Friday, Feb. 25th and shut down Tuesday, February 28th. Here is the drafted plan for where we are going to resurface to extend our season and snow quality through March. *Highly likely to change a little bit depending on actual temperatures and winds.  

  • Start firing up the system Friday Morning 

  • Prioritize these trails:

  • Summit 

  • Upper Twister 

  • Corkscrew 

  • Upper Thruway 

  • Lower Twister 

  • Upper East Meadow 

  • Lower East Meadow 

  • Learning Zone (Magic Carpet Area)

  • Base Area 

Our goal is to stack up the piles as large as skiably possible. That way we can farm the snow and hopefully comfortably make our way into April. If you see us out there make sure to say hi! We love doing our job and are excited to fire up our Snowmaking System for all of you!  

-Oliver S.