About the Artwork

This page is here to highlight a little idea we had for this season, and we think you'll love it in a big way. It's all about creativity (some one else's!) and sharing it. Last winter we asked for local artists to submit pieces we could feature on our 2018/19 Season Passes. We’ve got the luxury of printing creative on those little 2 x 3" cards (in addition to your lovely faces), and we change it up every season. We’re hoping to start a new tradition, and we think we’re off to a great start.

Cally grew up skiing at Bromley, taught in ski school after college, and now is watching her own kids make their early turns at the magic carpet. She and her husband, Jesse, run Studio Hill, the family's regenerative/carbon farm in Shaftsbury, VT. You can check out their farming adventures on Instagram and their farm stay cottage on Airbnb. And, if you've never seen classically-trained ballet dancers, perform outdoors, in cow costumes, they invite you to take in this summer's Farm to Ballet performance at Studio Hill.

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