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Attention Skiers & Riders! We've made some improvements this season to benefit the environment, our guests, and our entire operation!

New Family-Friendly Progression Park. This year we're very excited to collaborate with Arena Snowparks. Arena Snowparks is a rider owned and operated company committed to the design, development, and construction of Terrain Parks and accessories. Arena Snowparks will be building the new "Bromley Parks" with all new features for a variety of riders, green to black with the intention to produce one of the best family-friendly progression parks in the East! Plus, to top it off they'll be visiting us again mid-season for another rebuild! Get stoked!

Snowmaking Upgrades. Snowmaking Upgrades. Bromley crews have been working on a handful of projects to ensure our state-of-the-art snowmaking system is in tip-top shape for November 1. Our pump house renovation includes four new high-efficiency electric motors (two with variable frequency drives) and four refurbished pumps, allowing us to maximize snowmaking efforts and reduce resource waste. In addition, we've installed a new weather station at mid-mountain, allowing us to more accurately measure temps and windage on our quest for the perfect snow surface.

Improving life on Equipment. To help keep more of our equipment in good working condition, we put up a pole barn measuring 42 feet wide & 84 feet long. It’s a pretty simple strategy, and we’re happy to have it in place - the pole barn will allow us to properly store (protected under a roof) our groomers and snowmobiles in the summer and summer rides and outdoor furniture during the winter!

Indoor Improvements. Our base lodge has received a little TLC this summer, mainly to the Wild Boar Tavern. Working with a designer, we’ve done some rearranging, and most noticeably, added a wall to improve guest comfort and traffic flow. Getting from the Boar directly to the Sun Deck scene is now a reality, with a new airlock in place to keep temperatures cozy on the inside and the cold air outside where it belongs. No more getting hollered at to ‘close the door!’ Equally important, it’ll reduce wasted heat.

Interested in learning about our commitment to the planet? Visit the Green Initiatives page.

Welcome to Winter 2018/19!

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