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Winter 2016/17 Updates.

Update! As of September 15…

That catchy 'Green Team Go' no longer applies only to waste disposal. You'll notice, after hours, a whole new green monster out on the mountain. New (to us) for this season is a Pisten Bully 600 E+. What’s that? It's a hybrid cat with a diesel electric drive, and we think it's super cool. If you don't speak engine, Pisten Bully does a great job pointing out the best of what this means, right here. In this case, hybrid doesn't mean we're putting an itty bitty Prius out there every night for the groomers to zip around in very quietly. (No offense meant, please. Prius are perfect for getting around on the road). Here, hybrid means the diesel engine powers a couple pretty good sized generators in the cat, and when they're on, they're on. And that means more big power available instantly to groom, push, pull, move, sculpt, etc. Operations has been rumored to be heard using terms like 'awesome' and 'unbelievable' and that they're 'extremely excited.' They did have a chance to test drive the 600 E+ down at Jiminy Peak, so they are completely aware of what they're getting into this season. And they can't wait to show you what it can do!

Green Team Go! With a focus on both establishing new habits and reinforcing some current good ones, Bromley rethinks trash, recycling and composting food waste to implement a “Go Green” initiative this winter season. The intent is to eliminate organic waste and all recyclables from the Bromley dumpsters containing refuse destined for the landfill. It’s not a sexy subject, but oh so important! Vermont and the planet have extremely limited landfill space, and Sun Mountain staffers and guests won’t be the ones filling it up. Recycling for bottles and cans has always been available around the resort, but not universally across the base area, and composting has never been an option. We’re changing that.

There are a few parts to the process. New trash bins, uniform throughout the base area, will make it simple and more intuitive for guests (and Bromley staff) to separate their own garbage. We’ll likely have trash monitors to help out with this during busier times – that is how serious we are. Did you know our kitchen staff has always separated out food scraps when they can? The entire resort, however, has quite a bit more garbage that doesn’t make its way through our conscientious dishwasher’s, busser’s, sandwich maker’s and chef’s hands. 

The second part is all about the compost – what to do with all that good stuff once it is separated out? Gardening friends know that food waste can be turned right back into wonderful soil amendments, or even straight up pig food, and we’re working on partnerships with local farms to get that happening right in our own neighborhood. We could truck it away with the same company that hauls our recycling and true garbage, but we’d rather not. There had to be someone in the area that could also benefit from our compostable organic waste, and the first farm to get on the figurative wagon is Taylor Farm in Londonderry. They’ll begin accepting non-meat compostables and food waste this winter to help reduce the amount of trash we’ll have to truck. We can think of them, improving soil, and possibly fattening pigs on your leftover lunch as we cruise down a pristine Havoc, or enjoy the view to the West on Sunset Pass! What they can’t accept will be stored on site at Bromley in new composting bins, and eventually carted away by Casella to continue its return to plant food off-site.

We’re also working to reduce the amount of disposable convenience products that make their way into the garbage. While much of it has always been recyclable, we’re phasing in disposable service ware (forks, plates, cups) made from compostable materials. 

Note: We’re working on this, number  1, because it’s the right thing to do, and, number 2, because we’ll need to be compliant with the VT Universal Recycling Law (Act 138) by 2020 – eliminating all compostable material and recyclables from landfills. We’re getting a head start.

One more addition to What’s New, but no less exciting, you may have noticed that our base area buildings have a new look. They went to the Mac counter at the mall, had their colors analyzed and discovered they’d been using the wrong shade of foundation for over 75 years! Just kidding. But we assure you, we did put quite a bit of thought into moving away from the long-time exclusively barn red hue. Come check it out. We love it.

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