Terrain Parks

Our main park, The Garden, is designed with intermediate skiers and riders in mind. Built for a progressive freestyle experience, the small/medium features are the perfect playground for many different ability levels. So it's not all big air, or all rails or even all in one line, just all fun!

Note on terrain parks at Bromley: dependent on weather and snowmaking progress, these areas may vary in size, scope and location throughout the winter season. Plaza, home to The Garden terrain park, isn't first on our snowmaking list, so our early season fix typically includes adding a few metal (rails, etc.) features to Lower Thruway. Then, based on our current snowmaking plan, we typically produce enough snow on the Plaza trail to begin the official Garden terrain park build during Christmas week. A full park, spanning the entire trail acreage is typically complete by mid-January.

Please keep in mind that Terrain Park builds at Bromley are weather and conditions dependent, and subject to change.

Description updated 1/5/2018.

And while you're out there, keep these 4 Smart Style tips in play!
  1. MAKE A PLAN - Every time you use freestyle terrain, make a plan for each feature you want to use. Your speed, approach and take off will directly affect your maneuver and landing.
  2. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP - Scope around the jumps first, not over them. Know your landings are clear and clear yourself out of the landing area.
  3. EASY STYLE IT - Start small and work your way up. (Inverted aerials not recommended).
  4. RESPECT GETS RESPECT - From the lift line through the park.

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