Green Initiatives

We love this mountain and this Earth, and we're doing our very best to take care of them both. Read on for a brief history of recent improvements as we aim to stay Green.

2017/18. We added 10 new Snow Gun Technology high efficiency Sledgehammer snow guns to replace older, less efficient models in our continuous efforts to reduce snowmaking draw on the electric grid. Down in the compressor house, we're installing an Air Flow Controller - a variable speed air pressure controller placed between our 2 air compressors, giving us the ability to dial in exactly how much air we want to use. Typically, air compressors are either ON or OFF, producing a set amount of air. This allows us to fine tune the machines to work in tandem with what we’re calling for in real air needs – we can use every cfm they produce, with no waste.

We're excited to share the newsBromley Mountain is the proud recipient of Efficiency Vermont’s 2017 Energy Leadership Award. Why? Commitment to change, that’s why! Bromley received the award for adopting nearly every energy efficiency technology in snowmaking, including this year’s enhancements mentioned above. Bromley has completed 27 energy-efficiency projects in collaboration with Efficiency Vermont since 2000. Check out the official press release!

2016/17. This year we’re replacing the nozzles on 55 of our SV-10 snow guns, plus changing the air cartridges within the guns to reduce overall air consumption. This takes the SV-10 to a SV-10+; air consumption drops from 110cfm to 65 cfm, making their performance top notch and efficient.

We also purchased a hybrid snow cat, and she’s lovely. A Pisten Bully 600E+ joins the fleet this winter, bringing diesel-electric hybrid power to the Sun Mountain for the first time!

Press: Worcester Telegram, Shaun Sutner, Vermont's Bromley has pride in its green machine.

 See her in action in this video.

Moving the focus beyond the snow, this season we're implementing the first stages of a plan to eliminate all organic waste and recyclables from our garbage. Phase 1 will include partnering with Taylor Farm in Londonderry to locally compost food scraps from the Wild Boar, as well as introducing compostable dinnerware in the main cafeteria.

Read more about this year's green initiatives on our What's New page!

2015/16. Splitting the focus between terrain improvements and hardware maintenance, Ops re-graded the Learning Zone to reduce the amount of snow required to get it in ideal shape for new Snowsports enthusiasts. We also replaced 50 worn out snow gun nozzles to get them back into prime snowmaking shape!

2014/15. The story continues, this time with the help of a sweet statewide initiative in conjunction with Efficiency Vermont. We added 74 new snow guns and scrapped over 60 energy-hogging, low-efficiency ground guns. Fun fact: ground guns are necessary to get snow on hard to reach places. We worked with HKD to develop a design for a new, high-efficiency portable ground gun!

We also put a “Snowmaking Energy Index” in place, one of the first resorts in the industry to do so. This system allows us to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of our snowmaking system in real time, giving our team the ability to adjust variables allowing for maximum output, best quality snow & lowest energy consumption possible at all times. Working with the SEI, our system now includes an “Intelli-flow Controller,” to increase snow output by maximizing available air from the compressors based on real time environmental factors.

2013/14. Continued snowmaking upgrades and system maintenance saves energy, time and dollars. We spent $100k on new pipe and valves, and $300k on a new air compressor that replaced THREE older models this year!

2012/13. Capital investments included the addition of 60 new energy efficient HKD tower guns. 3000 feet of snowmaking pipe was replaced and sent to scrap metal recycling heaven.

...That's as far back as this history goes. We look forward to continued energy saving and Earth loving improvements for many years to come!

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