About the Bromley Outing Club

The Bromley Outing Club (BOC) is currently in its sixth decade serving as a gateway for life-long participation in Alpine Racing, DEVO (The Development Team), and Freeskiing, on both a competitive and recreational level. The BOC is also home to JISP (Junior Instruction Ski Program), for children and juniors of all abilities.

Alpine Ski Racing and Devo Program
The Bromley Outing Club Alpine Race Program is designed for those interested in an educational skiing experience while helping young athletes (6-18) develop physically, psychologically and socially. The goal is to foster an excellence in skiing while providing a fun experience and instilling the values associated with sportsmanship and competition.

Freeski Program
The Bromley Outing Club Freeski program is dedicated to providing athletes with the fundamentals and techniques they need to progress in competitive freeskiing. The program specializes in terrain park skiing including rails, jumps and half pipe while emphasizing safety, fun and progression.

The Bromley Outing Club sponsors the Junior Instructional Ski Program (JISP) benefitting local area school children. Students in grades three through eight are dismissed early from school one afternoon per week and instructed to ski and snowboard by volunteers under the direction of the BOC.

A 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, we create a life-long love of snowsports for athletes, teams and the entire Bromley Outing Club community, while developing the values of sportsmanship and pride through recreational, educational, and competitive skiing and snowboarding programs. Bromley Mountain and the BOC enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship!

This very brief history and introduction to the BOC was lifted mainly from their website. Please visit for a much more thorough and complete exploration of the organization and programs.

We've also put together some more info right here on for the programs below, including registration links. Click for more.

Contact the BOC:

Email, or call 802.824.6498.

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