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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Winter Preparation, 2020/21

Some things never change.What are we ALWAYS thinking about, even while enjoying a pretty sweet amount of guest company at Vermont’s Summer Adventure?

Winter, of course! Our team is managing trail maintenance, regular upkeep on the chairlifts and snowmaking systems, and care on buildings and grounds, as usual, while summer days tick shorter and we approach another ski and snowboard season, just like we’ve done for the past 80+ years. The specifics:

Haircuts. Phil has mowed the mountain twice. Miguel and his weed-whacker are on Sunder, having already covered the Rock Garden on Upper Twister. If all goes well, they’ll complete a second round on the West side trails this fall. Avalanche is next up for a serious prune along trail edges, putting trail width back out where it ought to be.

Going Up. Our Lift Maintenance crew is working through some tower maintenance on both the Sun Mountain Express and the Blue Ribbon Quad. The Plaza Chair is getting some MAJOR love, with a new electric motor and accompanying hardware that includes new motor controls, a new safety system, a new 26 pair communication line and alignment work, plus a new roof on the motor room to protect that sweet new investment!

Making Winter. In the snowmaking world, the team is shoring up snowmaking valve houses, plus putting in more work on the mid-mtn pump house and replacing 400’ of pipe on Yodeler. Bromley has nearly 400 Tower guns and this year we are replacing the nozzles on 50 guns as part of our continuous efforts at efficiency and quality snow. We have a major culvert replacement going on Lower Thruway as well, that includes 140 feet of 30 inch pipe across the trail.

Building Updates. Our building maintenance crew has installed all new touchless sinks and toilets throughout the Base Lodge. In an effort to fight the war against germs, boost efficiency and conserve mother earth's beloved resource (a.k.a. Water).

Mountain Living. Bromley Village homeowners have been keeping the Village crew very busy with maintenance and remodel projects on their homes, and you’ll see a big difference with their entrance remodel at the bottom of Ethan Allen Trail.

We know there are more questions. With the normal work we know and love listed above, here we go, into the unknown…

The big question: Ski-season, Pandemic style? We are working diligently on different scenarios for winter, all of them keeping the safety of you and our staff as importance factors number 1. A good thing: we’ve had some practice managing new safety protocols and guidelines through summer operations. We’re enjoying a reassuring number of visitors to the park right now. Guests are cooperating wonderfully with mask mandates, social distancing measures, and overall kindness and respect for each other and our staff. We have a good foundation to build on as guidelines from the CDC and the State of Vermont become more specific for the winter season.

We’ll keep you updated - stay tuned!