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New to Winter at Bromley or new to snowsports? Check out the topics below for a comprehensive guide to a day, a week or a season on the slopes of Southern Vermont's Sun Mountain. Gear, activities, and any question you might think to ask, we'll answer here. We look forward to hosting you this winter!

Frequently Asked Questions - First Time Skiing/Snowboarding vs. First Time to Bromley

First Time Skiing/Snowboarding

What kind of gear am I going to need?

While you can purchase or rent just about anything you'll need for a day on the slopes at the mountain, it's best to know what to expect.

  • Ski & Snowboard Equipment - If you do not own equipment, we have a full service Rental Shop on site.  Some lesson programs include rental gear.
  • A pair of tall warm socks, preferably wool or another warm wicking material will keep your feet warm and dry all day long. Avoid wearing two pairs of socks, and leave those white cotton tube socks with the blue stripes at home, too.
  • A pair of insulated waterproof/water-resistant pants will also make you more comfortable throughout the day. If you don't own snow pants, a pair of nylon pants with another layer underneath may do the trick. Leave those jeans at home or in the lodge to change into for the aprés, denim will not keep you warm or dry for the extended time you'll be out on/in the snow.
  • We strongly recommend that you wear one of the helmets that is included in your rental package. Our helmets are made by Burton Snowboards and provide ample warmth and protection. If you would rather not wear a helmet, a winter hat that fits snugly and provides a good level of wind protection will suffice. In addition to keeping that noggin warm, a nice pair of sunglasses or goggles are a must have. The UV rays from the sun are reflected off the snow surface and can cause damage to your eyes. In addition to UV, the environment can be windy/snowy/cold/rainy/etc., and having that protection will increase your enjoyment exponentially.
  • Gloves - Keeping those digits warm and dry all day will make your time on snow way more enjoyable and it'll make it easier to pay attention to what your instructor is telling you. A pair of warm gloves with some type of water/weather proofing are a necessity. Although those knit gloves that grandma makes work perfectly for a casual winters stroll, they quickly become soggy and freezing cold (or frozen solid) when you're learning the ropes on the slopes.
  • Layers, layers, layers. The key here is to find layers that contain little to no cotton in them. Bust out that holiday sweater! Layering will allow you to keep a constant core temp despite changes in activity or variable weather conditions - it's always best to have more than less, and you can adjust what you're wearing throughout the day as needed! If you don't own a heavy winter jacket, multiple layers and a wind/water proof shell will definitely do the trick.
  • Goggles
  • Facemask

Do I need a lift ticket?

A lift ticket is required for everyone using lift serviced terrain. 

Lift tickets are free for ages 5 and under, but you still need to stop at a ticket window to get a ticket for your child!

Some lesson programs (Mighty Moose, Kidsrule Mountain Camps and Get Skiing/Snowboarding) include a lift ticket in the lesson package. You DO NOT need to purchase a separate ticket if you are participating in one of these programs!

How do I ride a chairlift?

Check out our guide to riding the East Meadow Chairlift below!

First Time to Bromley?

Are there ATM's on site?

There is one ATM at Bromley located in the stairwell that leads from the Potter Brothers Ski Shop into the main base lodge (2nd floor).  If you enter into the base lodge through the main entrance turn right, and the ATM is located on the landing beneath the sign for "Ski Shop". 

Is there Wi-Fi available?

There is, and better yet, it's FREE!  That is a great thing, but since it's so great a lot of people use it and speeds can vary based on usage (especially during holiday periods). 

Is there anywhere to plug in, or charge my phone?

Yes! We have a limited number of charging stations (both USB ports and traditional 3 prong outlets) located in the loft on the top floor of the base lodge. Entering the base lodge from the main doors, take a right up the stairs - the charging loft is located up a few more stairs on the right hand wall (Route 11) side. You will need to supply your own cord.

Where is Ski Patrol/First Aid located?

The Bromley Ski Patrol/First Aid is located on the East end of the main base lodge.  If you are in the lodge:  Take the main stairwell (east end) to the bottom, turn right and follow signs for "First Aid".  Ski patrol can also be contacted via phone at ext. 420.

Where is Lost & Found located?

Lost & Found is located in the back of the Rental Shop and will follow Rental Shop hours.

What should I reserve or purchase in advance of my visit?

Lessons: Our lesson programs are popular, especially Kidsrule Mountain Camps, and Kids Center (daycare with skiing). We always recommend reserving in advance for these products.

Lift tickets: If you're planning your visit at least a day in advance, you can save up to 50% by purchasing lift tickets online.

Lodging: Planning on staying in slopeside Bromley Village? Absolutely give them a call to reserve your condo with a great play & stay package. Online reservations are now available as well!

Do you offer Child Care?

We do! The Bromley Mountain Kids Center is a fully state licensed childcare center for children from 6 weeks to 6 years of age. Reservations are recommended, and can be made by calling 802.824.5522. Full or half day options are available. The Kids Center also has lesson options for children ages 2½ - 6.

Where can I buy awesome Bromley gifts?

The Bromley Shop by Potter Brothers has tons of Bromley logo-wear right alongside their selections of the latest and greatest ski/snowboard gear.  The Bromley Shop is located on ground level, across the main covered entrance from the Ticket Windows.  It can also be accessed from the 2nd floor of the base lodge via the south stairwell (through the main base lodge doors, turn right, below sign for "ski shop.")


Furry friends are welcome on the mountain, but must be on a leash. They are not allowed on chairlifts, and they are not allowed indoors, unless they are a certified service animal. If you are hiking with your pet, please keep to the sides of the trails, remain aware of downhill traffic, and again, please keep them on a leash!

Where do I park?

You have two options.

If you're arriving from the West (Manchester), you can enter the main parking lot from the rear. Just look for the Bromley sign on the right hand side of Route 11 as you approach the top of the hill.  Park, and you can catch the shuttle from the parking lot to the base lodge (shuttle operates weekends and holidays only)!  This is a good option if your party is small and you can carry all your own gear.

Use the main entrance.  Bromley is located right on Route 11, you can see the base lodge and lifts right from the road.  Turn in to the entrance and follow the directional signs; the unloading zone is to the left of the island.  You can unload gear and passengers here, and then head straight ahead into the tunnel.  The parking lot is on the other side of Route 11.  Either enjoy a short walk back to the lodge, or catch the shuttle (shuttle operates weekends and holidays only).  You can then join up with the rest of your party, and grab your gear from the unloading zone.

Do you have Valet Parking?

Yes we do! $25/day or we also offer an unlimited Valet Parking season pass for $450. Available weekends and Peak Periods only! Follow the signs in the unloading zone in front of the base lodge.

Where is the Ticket Office located?

The Ticket Office is located right near the Drop Off Zone. There are two main buildings in the Base Area. Standing in the drop off zone by the flagpoles, the Ticket Office is on the road side of the small building on the left, as you face up the mountain. (Right in front of you, to the left!)

I purchased my ticket online. Do I still need to go to a Ticket Window?

Yes.  Our print-at-home tickets are not a live ticket.  You will need to go to a ticket window to pick up your actual ticket! 

Can I pick up my equipment the day before without being charged?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do so. Hours for next-day rentals are 3-4pm midweek Non-Peak, and 3-4:30 weekends and Peak Periods.​

Can I bring my own lunch?

Absolutely! Brown bag it if you, like we have plenty of cubby storage and lockers around the base lodge. However, we ask that you leave the crock pots and any cooking devices at home. There is no outside alcohol allowed in the base lodge.

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