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Hi Friends! We miss you.

A BIG shout out and thank you to everyone that shared their "Rather be skiing and snowboarding" photos with us - it was so great to see your smiling faces on the slopes. We can't wait to share many more mountain memories with you next season. 

If you're up for it, we'd like to do some sharing with a different theme each week. Let's see what you have on your photo rolls! There's more than one way to share - choose what works for you: 

  1. Tag us (@bromleymountain plus #ratherbeskiing and/or #ratherbesnowboarding) in your Facebook post
  2. Tag us (@bromleymountain plus #ratherbeskiing and/or #ratherbesnowboarding) in your Instagram post,
  3. Tag us (@bromleymountain plus #ratherbeskiing and/or #ratherbesnowboarding) in your Instagram story, or
  4. Send us a photo at info@bromley.com! ​​​​​​​

Remember, we're a family mountain, plz keep it clean. There will be prizes for the top 3, weekly, announced on Wednesday morning. We don't know what the prizes are yet, or when we'll get them to you, but, hey, we're all dealing with a few unknowns right now, right? We'll post and share weekly winners here, as well as on our social channels.

Let's go!

Update: Prizes will be #RatherBeSkiing & #RatherBeSnowboarding Bromley Stickers!

Week 3, April 8 through April 14: "Families that Ski & Snowboard together..." through the Generations!

​​​​​​​Show us your family memories - the more branches and generations of a family tree in one shot, the better!

Week 2: April 1 through April 7: "Favorite day on the mountain, in COSTUME." 

Retro, inflatable, superhero, anything! Prizes for the top three will be #RatherBeSkiing and #RatherBeSnowboarding stickers!! Post all week, and be sure to tag @bromleymountain and the hashtags above. We love you all. Take care!

This week's top photos:

Jason Moore had two submissions we love...

family dressed as dominoes

His "Family Mountian!!!! Family Fun!!!!" bunch of dominoes are quite cute!

pond skimming in costume

And the inflatible pond skimming Tommy Boy - oh, the memories!

skiers in historical costumes​​​​​​​

Rudi MacKugler submitted this gem "costumed Bromley skiers from Ski History Day last year with Jane and I as 13th Century Birkebeiners saving the infant king, and Pete Robertson as he used to be in the far distant past. I highly recommend everyone to watch "The Last King of Norway" on Netflix to see the best skiing footage in a non-ski movie since James Bond."

Week 1: March 25 through March 31: "Favorite Ski & Snowboard Buddies!"

This week we want to see you and your favorite person to ski or snowboard with. Be sure to tell us why they're a favorite. We encourage multiple postings!

And the winners are...We know so many of these faces! It is impossible to choose, but choose we did.

First up, Jenn Apito! "My husband and kids, even though they leave me behind after years of KidsRule lessons!" The post author can relate. She feels this situation is in her own near future!

three snowboarders

Next up: more family! Colleen Penkala with a retro post. "Nothing beats family! Here are a few cousins with an aunt and uncle on Bromley back in the late 90’s. Not me, but Lauren, Kristen, Devon." Again, purely arbitrary connection to the post author - is that a Columbia Bugaboo parka in the middle? I had one, Barney the Dinosaur purple color.

retro family ski photo

And finally, Ahren Erickson! "This is one of my favorite memories ever! Four generations on the hill together! Of course skiing with the family is the best!" Four generations! Amazing! 

Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and Child in front of red building​​​​​​​

Thank you for playing this week everyone. We'll announce the next theme tomorrow morning. 

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