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COVID-19 Response & Updates

Updated October 1, 2020, 8am

A Message from Bill Cairns, General Manager, regarding Winter 2020/21 Operations

Update: October 1, 2020

Dear Bromley Family,

I write to update you with our planning process as we approach October. There are two key points we wish to stress right at the beginning of this update: The health and welfare of our guests and employees is paramount, and we will be following State of Vermont Health and Safety Guidelines for winter ski operations. 

Each ski resort in Vermont is different and unique, and we will each develop unique operating plans while adhering to overall Vermont ski sector guidelines. The situation is quite fluid, and I want to stress that our operating plans will be updated regularly as the season approaches. Our intent is to open Friday November 27th, weather permitting.

Planning Process

Bromley is one of 14 ski resorts that belong to Ski Vermont (also known as Vermont Ski Areas Association or VSAA). As an association, we have written a winter operating plan that was recently submitted to the Agency of Commerce and Community Development (ACCD), which is responsible for approving operating plans put forth by different sectors of Vermont’s economy. Ski Vermont submitted our plan on 9/18, and we expect a meeting to take place shortly. We have no plans to require reservations to ski. I do want to point out, we do not have final guidance or plan approval from the State.

All our key winter departments are in the process of writing operating plans. As a skier, you may not notice some of this planning as it will be built around procedures to keep employees safe. Some of the internal planning will have a pointed impact, but at this point I only want to speak in generalities to a few of the activities that make up a ski day.

We are investing in technology in three key areas: contactless payment, lift ticket pickup, and an equipment ski rental module.  The idea behind this investment is less person to person contact and to streamline the arrival process.

Capacity in the Base Lodge is still to be determined, as we wait on State guidelines. We expect reduced capacity. Once the State sets indoor capacity guidelines, Bromley will complete their indoor operating plan. Details on how the Base Lodge will operate will be in a follow up message.

We encourage you to boot up in your car and not bring your ski bags into the Lodge. Space will be limited, and your car may prove to be a necessary space for you to warm up in or eat lunch in, if the Base Lodge is at max capacity. This is something we hope is applicable to just weekends and Holidays.

Snowsports is still under review as we await final State guidelines to emerge. Once we have that, we can finalize our Snowsports plan. 

With social distancing requirements part of winter, chairlift loading will likely work like this: a) if you arrive together you can ride together on the lifts b) if you are a single skier we will pair you up with another single skier on the quad chairs c) single skiers can ride a double chair as a single. d) clearly this will result in larger lift lines.

Shared Responsibility

You have heard the phrase many times by now: we are in this together. The shared responsibility concept extends not only between us but also to the local community. We want everyone healthy all winter long, and we are asking that you understand the following:

  • Knowing what to expect before you visit Bromley by visiting our website for the latest updates and following Bromley operating plans.
  • Follow social distancing recommendations, wearing face coverings (mandatory), and practicing good hygiene such as frequent handwashing.
  • The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has coined the following: Don’t be the reason we lose our season. Please help us pull off this winter. Following all CDC guidelines will be part of the ski experience.

Cross State Travel Guidelines

As a friend of Bromley, you may understand Vermont has done a very admirable job managing the pandemic. A large part of that effort is centered in the cross-state travel guidelines. There are travel restrictions to Vermont based on what state, and more specifically, what county you are from. The following link highlights which counties have those restrictions: https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel

This map is updated each Tuesday. The map is one of the central challenges, as we approach winter.

We realize we have not answered all your questions. We are working on it, and as mentioned part of that process is waiting for operating directives from the State of Vermont. We will continually update our winter planning status as information becomes available. The Bromley team feels confident that, with your assistance, we can have a terrific season. We all love to ski. We are determined to provide the Bromley experience you know and love to the best of our abilities. We learned quite a bit about operations during a pandemic over the summer months. Winter will look different than what you are use to-that cannot be helped. We are in this together.

Bill Cairns


Update: August 14, 2020

Snow Season Fans... While we're in full-time summer mode, we always have winter on the brain.

The big question: Ski-season, Pandemic style? We are working diligently on different scenarios for winter, all of them keeping the safety of you and our staff as importance factors number 1. A good thing: we’ve had some practice managing new safety protocols and guidelines through summer operations. We’re enjoying a reassuring number of visitors to the park right now. Guests are cooperating wonderfully with mask mandates, social distancing measures, and overall kindness and respect for each other and our staff. We have a good foundation to build on as guidelines from the CDC and the State of Vermont become more specific for the winter season.

Snowmaking begins in 79 days. We’ll keep you updated.

Update: June 22, 2020

It's official, our summer park is set to open Saturday, June 27! We originally planned to open our rides and attractions in two phases due to ACCD guidelines. As of today, June 22, phases 1 & 2 have been approved (hooray!). In short, the following rides and attractions will be open beginning Saturday, June 27:

  • In the Mountain Adventure Park rides and attractions include: Alpine Slide, 18-hole Mini Golf Course, The Giant Swing, The Big Splash Waterslide, Trampoline Things, the Climbing Wall and The Space Bikes.
  • 18-hole, lift served Woods & Meadows Disc Golf Course 
  • Aerial Adventure Park

Operations may look a little different this year, but our team has spent weeks planning for a safe and fun reopening. For summer 2020, masks are required for entrance into the park, and additional requirements are in place for guests. Please review health and safety protocols and procedures here.

June 18, 2020

It's official, our summer park is set to open Saturday, June 27! The ACCD guidelines currently allow us to open the park in two phases. Phase 1 (opening June 27) will consist of the Alpine Slide, 18-hole, lift served Woods & Meadows Disc Golf Course and the 18-hole Mini Golf Course. In Phase 2 (date: TBD), we'll add additional attractions: the Aerial Adventure Park, The Giant Swing, The Big Splash Waterslide, Trampoline Things, the Climbing Wall and The Space Bikes.

April 23, 2020

We have a few updates to share here on some items you've been patiently waiting for answers on. Thank you for bearing with us as we sort out these operations!

Rental Returns (and deposit $ returns!) 

Beginning Monday, April 27, the Rental Shop will begin accepting equipment returns from 9am-4pm, Monday thru Friday. As with all trips outside your home right now, please follow current CDC guidance and wear a cloth mask. If other guests should happen to be returning equipment at the same time, please abide by proper social distancing recommendations and keep a 6 foot distance between yourself and other parties. ALL DUE DATES ON EQUIPMENT RETURNS REMAIN FLEXIBLE. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RETURN YOUR EQUIPMENT RIGHT NOW! PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU MUST MAKE A TRIP TO BROMLEY TO TAKE CARE OF THIS IMMEDIATELY. 

Entry to and exit from Rentals will follow a specific path to keep traffic flowing one-way and minimize encounters with other guests. Enter into the base lodge via the main staircase (between the admin building and the base lodge) and use the main entry door to the lodge. You will be directed via signage to the rental shop. Please, do not wander around the base lodge for any reason. 

Upon reaching rentals, please text or call the phone number posted and remain outside of the gate. Lean your equipment up against the gate and wait for Rodger to inspect (from a distance) that all of the equipment is accounted for. Please be patient with the time you allow for this process!

Deposit returns will be issued via the same method you paid (cash for cash, credit card for credit card). Credit cards will be done over the phone, and cash refunds will be done in a manner compliant with social distancing guidelines. 

Once your return is complete and you are ready to leave, please use the stairwell to the right of the rentals gate. Head down one flight and exit the building through the door on the right at the bottom of the stairs (this will bring you out by the loading dock behind the lodge.) Please do not walk through the base lodge to exit. 

Seasonal Lockers

Access to locker rooms will be available weekdays, 9am - 4pm. We'll have a number to call at the entrance to the lodge - check the sign for complete info when you arrive. Please note, we are not requiring locker cleanouts this summer. Your gear can remain where it is, securely locked for the foreseeable future.

Season Pass May 15 Discount Deadline Extended Through June 15, 2020

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, we're backing off our traditional May 15 deadline for discounted pass rates and interest-free payment plan options. Take care of yourselves, and get back to leisure planning when you're ready. Early rates and payment plan options will remain the same through at least June 15.

Summer Operations - Question Mark?

We plan to open for summer fun, but when? What will it look like? 

While we’re all anxiously awaiting reopening for family fun, it's too early to announce opening dates or what our exact summer operation will look like. Please know, our team is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and will continue to follow the guidance of public health officials to determine when it is safe to resume operations. 

Once we determine a course of action for the summer season, we will announce via email, social media and here on bromley.com.

Stay safe and be kind to one another. We hope to see you soon.

April 6, 2020

We are currently not accepting new lodging reservations for any date in the future in order to comply with the latest executive order from Governor Phil Scott. We’ll be updating this site as additional information becomes available.  Please check back for these updates. 

March 23, 2020

Reminder, and update to questions regarding uphill travel:

The mountain is currently closed to all activity. No uphill travel, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or sledding is allowed. Equipment and environmental hazards exist. There are no services available. Any injury will further tax a system that relies on a small group of dedicated rescue personnel serving not only the mountain but all our neighbors. Please be safe, for yourself and for the community. Forgive our bluntness. Sledding, and other inherently dangerous (and always prohibited) activities have been observed in recent days. We rely on your cooperation, and appreciate your understanding.

March 18, 2020 


I’ve missed writing to you. My team of snow reporters has taken over those daily morning briefs, and Savannah writes our newsletters, and I don’t write much at all anymore. Writing snow reports was my favorite. In my eight years at Bromley, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork, community and family. Eight years is a pretty short tenure at this place. We have ski instructors that have been here 50, and lots of folks somewhere in between. Families have been skiing here for generations.  

I’ve witnessed some interesting seasons with unique operational challenges just in my short time here. My first season, 2011/12, was pretty rotten, weather wise. The year my daughter was born was even worse, and we wrapped up on or around her birthday, March 18, 2016. (Happy Birthday, Adeline!) We had a fire that shut down snowmaking for most of a season just two winters ago. I’d love to add in some facts and figures about number of days it was cold enough to make snow, snowfall totals, total operating days – to prove just how rotten it can be, but with my temporary work station at home right now, there’s no way I can pull all those numbers together in a timely fashion. 

Despite the fact that every season has it’s challenges, we love what we do, pulling this all together for you – making snow, grooming snow, running lifts, feeding you, teaching you how to ski and snowboard, planning fun events and getting together on our little mountain. We are always sad when the season comes to a close.  

Getting to the point. This is a first. Pandemic is an odd new world! 

First, I (we – I’m writing on behalf of the entire leadership team at Bromley) hope you are all healthy, safe and staying sane.  

Second, Bromley leadership has made the difficult decision put the 2019/20 ski season to bed and suspend resort operations for an undefined period of time. We are a small business, independently owned. We consider our guests, employees and local community all family. And it is with the safety, health and wellbeing of our family in mind that we make this challenging decision. 

While we’ve hung up our skis and snowboards, we will continue to plan for our Summer Adventure season, continuously re-evaluating when we can re-open and will do so as soon as we determine we can operate without putting our employees or the public at risk.  

We will continue to follow the lead and expertise of state and local health departments as the fast-changing realities continue to evolve and encourage you to do the same. 

And while this is probably the three-thousandth (so many “th” sounds! I AM going to get my 9 year old to properly pronounce that digraph while we’re all stuck home together!) message of this sort currently in your inbox, we know you’ll have questions specific to this situation. We’ve thought of a few you might ask: 

I’ve purchased tickets or have an upcoming reservation for snowsports. Who will help me reschedule or cancel? 
Please email ticketoffice@bromley.com. A staff member will be in touch.

I have seasonal rental equipment to return. How do I do that? 
Please hold on to the equipment for now. The deadline for rental returns/deposit returns will be extended. We will be in touch with you directly once we know when it will be safe to begin returns. 

How is Lost & Found working?
If you've already been in touch about a lost item, and we're holding it for you, we will continue to do so.
If you have lost something and would like us to look into it for you, please email info@bromley.com. We're making a list.
We ask for your patience in being reunited with your belongings. We will post updates in the coming weeks.

I have belongings in my locker. Can I retrieve them? 

We are currently taking guidance and following direction from the State of Vermont and the Vermont Department of Health. Governor Phil Scott has called on Vermonters to help protect our most vulnerable ­– the elderly and the very ill. He has declared a State of Emergency and has since announced several strategies during this time to help slow the spread of the new coronavirus. The orders that most affect us here at Bromley direct Vermonters to "stay home, leaving only for essential reasons, critical to health and safety, such as: personal safety, groceries or medicine, curbside pick-up of goods, meals or beverages, medical care, exercise, or care of others" and order "all businesses and not-for-profit entities, except for those providing critical services, to suspend all in-person business operations." These directives are in place through April 15, 2020, at which time the Governor, in consultation with the Vermont Department of Health and Agency of Human Services, the Department of Public Safety/Division of Emergency Management will reassess the emergency and determine whether to amend or extend the Order.

We apologize we are unable to open access to locker rooms at this time. Following the Governor's re-assessment of the state of emergency, if the social distancing rules are relaxed, we hope to be able to grant access to the buildings. During this time, please know that the buildings remain locked and checked on regularly.

I have an upcoming reservation in Bromley Village.  
Please call the Bromley Village Office at 802-824-5458. 

I have a project lined up with Property Services. Is that crew still working? 
We plan to continue with outside projects and those projects that allow our crews to maintain proper social distancing measures. Please call the Village office for details. 

For questions not answered here, please email info@bromley.com. This inbox is being monitored remotely. 

On behalf of Bromley, I am sincerely wishing you all the best. Keep in touch! Thank you for a wonderful winter. While you’re social distancing and incessantly scrolling the news feeds, post your favorite Bromley family shots if you’re so inclined. We’d love to see. Tag us, we’re scrolling, too 😊. 


Janessa Purney 
Marketing Director 
Bromley Mountain 

March 15, 2020

In this very fast moving and unprecedented situation Bromley is suspending operations immediately and will re-evaluate operating status at the end of the week. We step back out of concern and safety for everyone and thank each and every one of you for your support this winter season – it has truly been a fun one and we are sad to see it wrap up in this way. We apologize for the ambiguity around firm closing dates in this message, but at this time, we feel it best to play it safe first and foremost. We hope you understand.

Please note, suspended operations includes all trail and facility access at this time by the public, including uphill travel. For questions about upcoming reservations, please give us a call.

Stay sunny and stay tuned.

March 14, 2020

Following yesterday evening’s Executive Order from the office of the Governor declaring a state of emergency for the State of Vermont, Bromley has increased measures to protect our community by reducing capacity in our base lodge by half. Tables and chairs have been removed and re-spaced to allow guests practicing social distancing to do so to the best of our ability. This is in addition to the steps described below.

While we will continue to operate, we have cancelled our Spring Fling event, scheduled for March 21, in cooperation with the Governor’s restrictions on events and social gatherings.

March 13, 2020

Given the rapid pace of news currently circulating around COVID-19, we’d like to reach out and let you know the steps Bromley is taking in regard to cleanliness and community safety (both employee and guest) as well as address any concerns about upcoming reservations.

We are closely monitoring the VT Department of Health’s assessment of and recommendations for the current situation in Vermont. This also involves staying up-to-date on guidance for businesses from Centers for Disease Control. If you are not doing so already, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these sites as well.

We are also closely monitoring the health and well-being of our staff and are reinforcing CDC guidance on steps to prevent illness, including frequent, thorough handwashing, the need to stay home at the first sign of fever and cough and avoiding close contact with those who are sick. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of high touch indoor areas with hospital grade disinfectant, such as food outlets, kitchen surfaces, door handles, tables, restaurants, bars, the rental shop, lesson and ticket counters and childcare facilities. While we’ve long been in the habit of maintaining a clean ship, we do feel it is important to publicize our crew’s increased effort.

If you have an existing reservation at Bromley, we are open for skiing and snowboarding, and look forward to getting you outside and on the mountain for Springtime family fun through the remainder of our planned Winter 2019/20 Season. Our final day of winter operations this year is scheduled for April 5 (weather permitting). However, if your travels are being impacted by COVID-19, we are happy to work with you to adjust your Bromley trip to your satisfaction. While we have every hope that means simply postponing your visit, we understand that may not be possible in every case. We have relaxed our cancellation policies accordingly.

Stay sunny.