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No, you do not. We offer an "Under 48 inch" wristband at the window for $25, or online for $20.

Yes. If you will not be visiting the park with your child, please obtain a waiver ahead of time by contacting us at 802.824.5522. 

Yes, but please understand that the Under 48 inch wristband is available at the window for only $25!

The Alpine Slide is part of the Mountain Adventure Park (MAP). Purchase unlimited access to the Slide with a Mountain Adventure Park Pass (best value), or purchase individual ride tickets. The Slide costs 6 individual tickets to ride.

Any person riding with an under 48 inch child on the Alpine Slide must be at least 18 years of age.

Our largest zipline is the Sun Mountain Flyer, and is accessed by way of the chairlift located next to the ticket booth. This ride is not included in the Mountain Adventure Park pass, and you can access it with individual Sun Mountain Flyer tickets, or with a combination pass.
The Aerial Adventure Park also contains ziplines on some courses. These ziplines are part of each course, and not accessed individually or separately. They're part of the adventure!
There are height and weight restrictions on ziplines, please click here for restriction details.

Wristbands are non transferable; however we do sell individual tickets if there is a single attraction or two you wish experience in the Mountain Adventure Park.

Our main attractions are mostly high speed and/or very active thrill rides, and not recommended for pregnant guests. We have placed signage around the park informing our guests which attractions might not be appropriate for pregnant guests to ride, and those include, but are not limited to: the Alpine Slide, the Trampoline Things, the Sun Mountain Flyer, the Climbing Wall, the Big Splash Waterslide, the Giant Swing and the Aerial Adventure Park. Please keep in mind that entrance into the park is free, and individual ride tickets are available for those only able to experience a few of the attractions.

Bromley is pleased to offer many options that give you the opportunity to control your own budget for the day, and we suggest you decide amongst yourselves how long you wish to visit us and what activities you wish to engage in. Our combination packages (Triple Play or Double Play) are the best value for those playing all day, and who wish to experience all, or most of, the activities we offer. An all-day Mountain Adventure Pass usually offers a better value than individual ride tickets, especially for those wishing to ride popular attractions, such as the Alpine Slide, more than once.

Some, but not all, passes are offered at a discount when you purchase them online by midnight the day before you plan to visit.

Information on specific parks and their attractions is offered at the front of the ticket office/guest services, or by watching the videos on this site. Please click here to begin exploring our attractions!

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