Uphill Travel Policy

WARNING! In accordance with Vermont law, a skier or person who takes part in any sport accepts as a matter of law all obvious and necessary dangers inherent in that sport. Your uphill travel (and resulting downhill travel) is at your own risk!

Bromley encourages the use and enjoyment of the outdoors. During operating hours, Bromley does not restrict uphill access to any outdoor enthusiast whether hiking, snowshoeing or ski touring. Uphill ski access may occur area-wide, however, due to safety concerns, uphill access by foot, snowshoe or skis is restricted to trail edges. Stay clear of all snowmaking and snow grooming operations. Winch cable grooming may be in operation. Closed trails are off-limits. Please familiarize yourself with our daily snow report for information on open and closed terrain. It is not always obvious from the base of a trail if it is closed or open.

All access outside of the ski area’s normal operating hours is closed. This is in recognition of the real danger of skiing in poor lighting conditions and on trails with ongoing grooming and snowmaking.

Trails are open to hiking access during non-winter seasons. Specific trails may be closed during the non-winter season when maintenance, mowing, or other activity might cause safety concerns for visitor or ski area staff.

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